Te Whariki - is the official Early Childhood Curriculum document. - The Ministry of Education website - ERO reviews schools and early childhood education services every three years, and publishes national reports on current education practice. - The WINZ website where you can find information on Childcare subsidies that are available. 0800 855 055. - The Inland Revenue website is where you can find information on Family Assistance - The New Zealand Home Based Early Childhood Education Association (NZHECEA) exists to support the delivery of quality home based early childhood education ensuring its uniqueness is protected. - A not-for-profit organisation dedicated to making life better for parents and their kids. We offer a wide range of programmes to encourage and support parents. These include Hot Tips seminars on parenting and relationships, Toolbox small-group parenting programmes, Attitude high school programmes, resources and publications. - This website provides teaching and learning resources

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