Frequently asked questions for Educators:

How do I do my tax and ACC?

Your Co-Ordinator will discuss this with you in more detail.  When you have children start in your care, you will find in your Educator folder Parent Payment forms where you will need to document, each week, and the payments you receive from parents.  ACC is not required to be paid until you submit your first tax return.

What do I need (re tax)?
You will need to complete your Parent Payment forms each week and give these to your Co-Ordinator to allow our office to process them for you.  You will need to phone IRD and request an IR3 form.

When am I getting paid?
A Kidz World makes the reimbursements to you each fortnight. This is paid on a Thursday night, available for you on Friday morning.   You will need to negotiate with parents the day they will be paying their part payment.  This goes directly to you.

What if I want to go on holiday?
You are deemed self-employed so if you would like to have holiday, it is your choice.  You will need to give your parents a minimum of two weeks’ notice.  Alternative arrangements can be made for the children to be placed with an alternative Educator during this time.  Parents are not liable for payment and you will not receive the WINZ and ECE payments while you are unavailable to work.

What happens when a parent is late picking up their child?
You will need to explain to the parent that lateness is not tolerated and you may apply a late fee for the time incurred.  The enrolled hours are what you are paid/reimbursed for and so collection of a late fee is up to the individual Educator.

What happens is a parent is early?
If a parent is early, explain to them that you cannot have the child in your care until the agreed time, unless they would like to pay you for it.

What happens if a child is sick?
When a child is sick and absent, the parent is still required to pay the Educator the agreed amount.  The parent needs to let the Educator know prior to the agreed start time that they are absent for the day and the reason why.

What happens when the parent doesn’t want a child to sleep, and the child needs a sleep?
This will need to be discussed with the parents and also the Co-Ordinator.  It can also happen the other way, where the child refuses to sleep although the parents have requested it.  Discussion about a plan will need to be in consultation with the parents, until a suitable outcome is reached.

What happens in an emergency?
Educators are instructed to phone for 111 help immediately followed by a call to your Co-Ordinator.

Can you pick me up and take me to playgroup?
Sometimes this can be done but it is the Educators responsibility to start making advances to either a license or the purchase of a car.

Does it matter if my hours change – one off – maybe less care hours one week – can I add on last weeks unused hours next week?
No.  If however it is a permanent change of hours then a ‘yellow permanent change of hours form’ needs to be completed.  If you are unsure of anything you just need to call your Co-Ordinator who will guide you in what to do.

How do I get 20 Hours ECE?
Parents will apply for 20 ECE at the time of enrolment.  All 3 and 4 year old are entitled to this, along with children who are 5 years old and not enrolled in school.  Ask your Co-Ordinator about this.
What do I get for 20 Hours ECE?
A Kidz World will reimburse you at $4.70 (as at 7th July 2014) per hour for 20 ECE hours up to 6 hours a day and a total of 20 hours per week. 

What do I do if the parent doesn’t pay on time?
Contact your Co-Ordinator and let them know.  There are ways we can help with this, but you need to be able to approach the parent and ask for payment.  You will have an agreed day they are to pay and you can stand down care until the payment it made.

How much do I charge?
Generally Educators charge between $5 and $8 per hour.  The differences are about what the Educator can offer.  Pick up and drop offs may be charged at a higher rate, providing food or specialist training in an area can also incur a higher rate.  Under two year olds are sometimes charged at a higher rate as are small hours of enrolment. You can base it on the unique learning environment you provide and market rates for care in the region where it is being provided. 

How come others can charge more than me?
It is up to the Educator in consultation with their Co-Ordinator how much they will charge per hour.

Do I get business cards?
Yes, you just need to let your Co-Ordinator know you would like this and we can arrange to have some marketing material printed for you.

How do I find children?
Word of mouth is the best way to advertise yourself.  Ask around who has children at home, ask your friends, family, or strangers at the supermarket!

Can I put A Kidz World advertising on my car?
We can provide you with some advertising material.  Please speak to your Co-Ordinator about this.

Can I advertise on TradeMe/Facebook?
You can, but we suggest that you say in your add that you are an Educator with A Kidz World.  We suggest you include the 0800 number for the office, this is purely to protect you. 

Can I do my advertising?
Yes.  A Kidz World can provide you with personalised marketing material.  It will not display your private phone number rather it will have the A Kidz World 0800 number but callers will be able to ask for you by name.

Do I have to take your resources because I’m scared my kids will break them?
You will need to teach the children how to behave with the resources.  You can discuss this further with your Co-Ordinator.

When are you going to get more children?
You can’t rely on your Co-Ordinator to ‘find’ you children to enrol.  You must accept some responsibility to do this on your own accord.  A Kidz World does masses of marketing and it can take time for an interested parent to ring into the office.
Why does everything need to be secured down?
All homes need to be audited in order for you to become an Educator.  You have other people’s children in your care and anything that could harm a child will need to be removed or secured in a fashion where it no longer poses a risk.

When will WINZ start?
WINZ can take up to 6 weeks to start and so we strongly recommend you ask for full payment from parents until it does.  The parents can either be reimbursed for the payments or go into credit with you.

How many children am I allowed?
You can have up to 4 children at one time but no more than 2 less than two years old.  Your Co-Ordinator will let you know how many children your home can be licensed for when they do the Health and Safety Audit on your home.

Do I have to do First Aid?
Yes.  This is Ministry of Education requirement and you will be discharged from A Kidz World if you have children in care and do not hold a current child first aid certificate. 

Can I work in the parents’ home?
Yes, but you will not be entitled to claim for the non-taxable allowance through IRD.  You will need to discuss this with your Co-Ordinator.

Why are my payments wrong?
You can only be paid what WINZ or ECE hours the child is enrolled for.  If you think your payment is wrong, ring the office and enquire or wait until you get the breakdown of reimbursement at the end of the week.

When is our next PD (Professional Development) night?
PD nights are planned throughout the year. You will receive notice of the event in your area.

Can I have some art/craft supplies?
This is a cost that you cover as part of your non-taxable allowance.  The non-taxable allowance is a part of your hourly income that is not taxed by IRD to cover your purchases such as art and craft materials.  However A Kidz World do supply some art and craft materials.

Where are my children’s Portfolio books?
Ensure that when you have a new child commencing care that you ask your Co-Ordinator for either a Health, Well Being & Communication Booklet or Portfolio book for the child.

Why should I join A Kidz World?
A Kidz World is a fun place to set up your own Home Based Care Service that has regular support and guidance.  It’s important to remember that you can make your own decisions (in line with our philosophy, regulations and procedures) about how you are going to operate.

What areas are you in?
What area are you in? We can try to be whenever you are!

Why do I need a police check?
This is a Ministry of Education requirement.  Any person at any school, crèche, kindergarten, Te Kohanga Reo, from the cleaner to the cook, has to be police vetted.  It is only ever A Kidz World management that read the returned police check form.

Do we offer training?
Yes! And your Co-Ordinator will let you know when and where these sessions will be.

Does A Kidz World pay me?
As an Educator with A Kidz World you will receive earnings for childcare services undertaken in your home.  It may seem a bit unusual to use this phrase but A Kidz World do not ‘pay’ you as you are deemed self-employed and not an employee of A Kidz World.

Can I request resources/toys?
Yes.  Ask your Co-Ordinator for resources that you are wanting.  If we can help with the request, we will.

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