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Based in the Bay of Plenty, Waikato and Auckland, A Kidz World is a Ministry of Education approved and licensed Home Based Childcare & Education Service operating since February 2002. 

A Kidz World is fully licensed on all networks under the 1998 Early Childhood Home-Based Care Regulations, which you can find here. These policies and procedures are also available from your Educator for you to read and make comment on.

Home based childcare is an alternative to centre based care, offering small group sizes with a maximum of four children under the age of six years & never more than two children under the age of two. Small group sizes enables children to build responsive & reciprocal relationships, which is particularly beneficial for children under two.
In home based childcare, children have the opportunity to experience everyday life situations such as, cooking, shopping, going for walks, visiting parks, attending music & movement groups etc. These provide valuable learning experiences for children. In addition, home based childcare enables your child’s routine to be continued in the Educators home.
We also offer a nanny service which enables care of your children in your home, with the benefits of co-ordinator visits, safety checks and resources supplied for your children and Nanny.

We endeavour to meet your required childcare hours, and with a variety of Educators, flexibility of hours can be considered.

As a parent you'll receive regular newsletters, photographic observations of your child on EDUCA (an online portfolio) & for their portfolio book. We also warmly welcome you to attend playgroups, excursions and any other training workshops offered by A Kidz World.

Please click here for more information on our home based childcare services in Auckland, Waikato and the Bay of Plenty.

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